Can a detox diet help me lose weight?

losing weight fast

losing weight fast

People who want to lose weight may opt for a body detox plan to help.  Celebrities and the media are constantly promoting detox plans as being terrific for weight loss.  As a Fitness coach, it is my job to help people understand what is involved with body detox and how it affects weight loss goals.

Detox programs involve significant restrictions to your diet.  Many include a period of fasting, others include eating only certain foods.  Either way, your caloric intake will greatly change when you try any type of detox plan.  When you consume fewer calories, your body will burn the stored fat for energy, which can help you lose large amounts of weight quickly.  But, when Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Natural Fresh Foods that Burn Fat

High Protein Food

Now that we have a good idea of what fruits and vegetables to eat that will help us burn fat, we should look at some of the other types of fat burning foods out there. If you are concerned about the carb content of your new diet, or the lack thereof, then you’ll be pleased to find out that low or moderate carbs are okay to eat in moderation along with healthy protein choices.

However if you are a bodybuilder in training, it is recommended to lower your carbohydrate intake, or stay away from all carbs temporarily before you enter a competition. Foods that are good to eat during this time include leafy green vegetables as well as veggies that contain a high amount of fiber. Lean meat, small portions of fruit and adequate amounts of essential fats are also a must. Read the rest of this entry

Can I Lose Weight without Doing Exercise?

Lose weight

Lose weight

You may have come to terms that the gym is not for you. Maybe you don’t have time to work out or spend hours on a treadmill to shed those extra pounds that have been haunting you. The good news is that there are ways to lose weight without exercise, and, the weight will actually stay off.

Whether you have 10, 20 or 100 pounds to lose, getting rid of it without exercising is doable. New research studies on obesity have revealed that the more weight you have to lose, the easier it is to do so without exercising. Below are some helpful tips that you can use to lose weight without exercise and spending hours in the gym that you just don’t have.

1. Park and Walk

One of the most common clichés mentioned when discussing convenient ways to lose weight without exercise is to park your car some distance from your destination and then walk. Read the rest of this entry

Can Salt Substitute Help with Weight Loss?

Healthy Salt

Healthy Salt

Using a salt substitute is recommended if you have been advised to lower your sodium intake. The most common salt substitute is one that mimics table salt, both in taste and appearance. But, instead of sodium chloride, it uses potassium chloride as the main ingredient. While you may not be getting enough potassium on a daily basis, too much of it is also harmful, especially if you are already suffering from kidney, heart or liver disease and diabetes and are unable to get rid of excess potassium.

Salt substitutes are not limited to salty tastes. In fact, it can be anything to enhance the flavor of food. The most logical replacements are herbs and spices, which when mixed together offer a better alternative to salt. More importantly, most of these ingredients are known to contain nutrients that are beneficial to the body and often help manage your weight. Read the rest of this entry

Healthy Benefits of Green Vegetables and Fruit



If you’re considering what goes into a healthy diet, it’s likely that you’ll end up thinking of green vegetables and fruits. Many fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of a wide variety of nutrients, but dark green ones tend to be the most nutrient rich.

Whether you’re looking for a maximum load of a particular nutrient in a small amount of food, or if you’re simply looking for an overall healthy and nutrient rich type of food to add into your diet on a regular basis, dark green vegetables and fruits are oftentimes the best place to turn. Now, let us consider some of its great nutrients… Read the rest of this entry

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