New Healthy Recipe: Stewed Okra & Tomatoes

Stewed Okra & Tomatoes

Stewed Okra & Tomatoes

Today, i have been really thinking on what recipe bonus i should give you to prepare for the weekend. Alas! i quickly thought of one of the great new recipe for stronger bodies and healthier hearts! I hope you like it, practice it and you will actually enjoy this recipe. Here we go!

Stewed Okra & Tomatoes Recipe

Prep Time: 20 Min

Cook Time: 35 Min

Servings per: 4

To begin with, let me tell you what and what you will be needing to prepare this delicious recipe. Read the rest of this entry

Fitness: Exercise Tips For Older Men

An Old man jogging

An Old man jogging

Acting your age isn’t always easy. For men who have always been interested in fitness, reaching middle age can be a little rough, both physically and mentally. You may be upset that you can’t run as far, or at least as easily, as you used to. Maybe you’re having some trouble keeping up with the younger guys on the basketball court.

But this is no time to give up. Given the tremendous physical and psychological benefits of exercise, everyone should be doing it, no matter what their age.

So, you have to always keep exercising. The trick is to learn how to adapt your workout routine as you get older. Here’s how: Read the rest of this entry

Lose 2 lbs in 3 days with this Cucumber Diet

Cucumber's Weightloss Benefit

Cucumber’s Weightloss Benefit

I know that to many of us here in Nigeria, we are much familiar with cucumber but only few of  really know how important this amazing vegetable is. Few weeks ago, some one called me and  was asking me if it is good to take cucumber with watermelon. H e told me that in his quest to achieve his weightloss goal, he wanted to make a blend of  cucumber and watermelon. We discussed on phone for several minutes and he did promised to give me a feedback in few days… Over the week, I come to realise the great potential in this vegetable as a very effective weightloss enhancer.

In today’s article, i will be revealing to you how you can prepare a cucumber diet salad and i want you to try it. Read the rest of this entry

Can a detox diet help me lose weight?

losing weight fast

losing weight fast

People who want to lose weight may opt for a body detox plan to help.  Celebrities and the media are constantly promoting detox plans as being terrific for weight loss.  As a Fitness coach, it is my job to help people understand what is involved with body detox and how it affects weight loss goals.

Detox programs involve significant restrictions to your diet.  Many include a period of fasting, others include eating only certain foods.  Either way, your caloric intake will greatly change when you try any type of detox plan.  When you consume fewer calories, your body will burn the stored fat for energy, which can help you lose large amounts of weight quickly.  But, when Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Natural Fresh Foods that Burn Fat

High Protein Food

Now that we have a good idea of what fruits and vegetables to eat that will help us burn fat, we should look at some of the other types of fat burning foods out there. If you are concerned about the carb content of your new diet, or the lack thereof, then you’ll be pleased to find out that low or moderate carbs are okay to eat in moderation along with healthy protein choices.

However if you are a bodybuilder in training, it is recommended to lower your carbohydrate intake, or stay away from all carbs temporarily before you enter a competition. Foods that are good to eat during this time include leafy green vegetables as well as veggies that contain a high amount of fiber. Lean meat, small portions of fruit and adequate amounts of essential fats are also a must. Read the rest of this entry

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